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Survey of Orinda Residents of Spending Priorities


In February 2020 the City surveyed residents as to whether they would support a 20-year, 1 percent sales tax and asked what their spending priorities for such a tax would be.

55 percent said wildfire prevention would be Extremely Important

54 percent said emergency preparedness would be Extremely Important

About 30 percent said roads and storm drains were Extremely Important

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Pre-Measure-R survey-Priorities_Page_1.png
Pre-Measure-R survey-Priorities_Page_2.png
Pre-Measure-R survey-Priorities_Page_3.png
Pre-Measure-R survey-Priorities_Page_4.png
Pre-Measure-R survey-Priorities_Page_5.png
Pre-Measure-R survey-Priorities_Page_6.png
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